Wycombe and Marlow Teaching Schools Alliance

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Local Leaders in Education

What are LLEs?

LLEs are Local Leaders of Education. They are successful Headteachers who work outside their own school, providing support and coaching to another Headteacher and their school. The main aim is to improve pupil outcomes through partnership working between schools and academies.

LLEs also act as professional partners, providing mentor support to new Headteachers in their first two years of headship and they participate in delivering leadership training. The home school of the LLE is compensated for the days that they are working for the Teaching School Alliance (usually no more than 5 days a year, unless the Governing Body/Trustees have agreed to more).

What can an LLE do for my school?

  • Headteacher performance management/appraisal
  • Mentorship of new headteachers/coaching
  • Support with writing the school development plan or school self evaluation
  • Deliver a Pupil Premium Review
  • Deliver a programme of school-to-school support for schools in vulnerable positions.
  • Conduct a diagnostic review of a school jointly with the headteacher.
  • Deliver training for leadership teams

How do I engage support from an LLE?

To engage an LLE, please contact Victoria Morris, Teaching School Lead- vmorris@cvpa.school 01494535564

LLE support costs £550 per day + VAT.